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Christmas Packages

Extra Special Christmas Packages, Created just for You!

End of 2022 is just around the corner, and we all need to reflect and stop for a moment, take a look at our lives and make time for ourselves. We deserve it! 

Christmas' Premium Packages are here to help you reflect on the past year and make time for yourself. Your mental and physical wellbeing will be with you in 2023 therefore this is the perfect time to look after them.

Don't let this opportunity pass you by. Check out Relax-therapy's Christmas Premium Packages below.


Ready, Set, Relax- SOLD OUT

We know how busy you are. We know how tired you feel.


But we don't want you to forget to take care of yourself, too. Because when you're feeling good, it makes everything easier—including the next year!


That's why we're offering our best deal ever: half an hour back-neck-shoulders with 15 additional head or arms massage and a surprise from Moments of Peace shop!


It's our new Ready Set Relax package, and it's only here for a limited time. So come on in; stop and relax for a moment. You deserve it!

Invest in yourself this Christmas, for just £39pp

Ready, Set, Relax

Ready, Set, Reset - SOLD OUT



It's time to reset.


We know that you're busy, and we know that sometimes it feels like there's just too much going on in your life. That's why we're offering you a full body massage (deep tissue, relaxing or Hot Stones) and 15 min additional head or feet massage if you want even more relaxation!


And as an added bonus…we'll also be giving away one surprise from Moments of Peace shop!


Come escape with us this December — we promise it will be worth your while!


Enjoy a well deserved festive treat, for just £59pp

Read, Set, Reset

Ready, Set, Glow

But how many times have you thought to yourself, "I could really use a switch off and escape from everything "? We know the answer— thousand  times!


Here's the thing: YOU DESERVE IT. It's time to escape from the world for two whole hours, just for yourself. And when you do, we'll make sure you get a full body massage with Organic Facial including a Hyaluronic Acid Gold Mask and feet reflexology, plus a surprise from Moments of Peace shop AND some well deserved Me Time

Treat yourself! You're worth it!


Offers end on 25th December 2022. Online booking only. Make sure you have only one item in your cart at the time of booking.


Indulge in a little bit of Christmas luxury, for just £109pp

Ready, Set, Glow

Mum & Baby

A massage or reflexology for Baby by parent or caregiver plus a half an hour back-neck-shoulder or feet massage for you. Investment is £60 per session.


Enjoy a little bit of 1-2-1 time, for just £60 per session


Christmas Gift Ideas

Are you stuck with Christmas gift ideas? Looking for a stocking fillers?


Relax-therapy's got your back. Check out our online shop and gift card options, below.

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