Health is Wealth

Signature Packages Created just for You

We all know how busy we are and how much pressure we put on ourselves to be productive. 

In my experience, people want immediate relief. If nothing else, the pandemic years showed us that Health is Wealth. I believe that for longer lasting results, regular treatments are necessary. We brush our teeth every day, and your body deserves the same. So book a weekly, fortnightly or monthly massage to unwind, relax and feel like a new person. 

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Bronze Package £149pp

Bronze Package

We also know that self-care is important—it helps us feel better, look better, and be more productive at work. That's why we're offering our Health is Wealth Bronze Package for only £149 per person.

This package includes two 60-minute treatments and one 75- minute treatment of your choice within 12 weeks, plus a pack of Retinol eye mask to continue your relaxation at home.


You'll be able to choose from a variety of services that will help you relax and rejuvenate after a long day at work or when you just need to take some time out for yourself. When you feel rejuvenated from these treatments, you'll be ready to get back out there and make the most of your day!

Please note there is no availability with this package from 11th-31st December 2022.

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Silver Package | £289pp

Silver Package

You've got a lot on your plate. Between work, family, and the housework that never seems to get done, you're running around like a chicken with its head cut off. That's why I created the Health is Wealth Silver Package.

This package will give you six 60 minute treatments (including two additional 15 minute treatments plus a pack of Retinol Eye Mask ) to help you escape from your life for an hour at a time and truly relax. That way, when you get back to work and are ready to face the day again, you'll be ready for anything—and that means everything!

You can use these treatments by 10th December 2022, and by the end of them you'll feel like a new person! The investment is only £289 per person, but the return on your investment will be huge!


Please note there is no availability with this package from 11th-31st December 2022. 


Gold Package £420pp

Gold Package

I know you're busy. I know you're overwhelmed. I know that it feels like an impossible task to find the time to do all the things you want to do and feel good about yourself, let alone consider things like health and wellness. But here's a secret: it doesn't have to be that way! That's why I created the Health is Wealth Gold Packagea complete package of health-focused treatments and services designed to help you take your health into your own hands, so that even though you may be busy, overwhelmed and feeling like there's no way out, your next twenty weeks will be AMAZING!

Does it sound great? Is it possible? Say yes to the Gold package and I will be there and support you through the journey. Every element of this package will help you to become a better and healthier yourself. Yes you can change!

For just £420 choose either six 90 minute treatments or eight 60 minute plus pack of Retinol Eye Mask for the best version of Yourself in 2022. Good news is that you can share a package with one of your family members or a friend. 

Use this package between 15th September  and 15th March 2023. Please note there is no availability with this package from 11th-31st December 2022.