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Baby Massage & Reflexology

Bea offers a range of baby massage courses to help strengthen the bond between you and your newborn baby.

Learn more about the packages available as well as taking a read of some of our most frequently asked questions here.


Little Bundle of Joy Course

To strengthen your bond with your newborn, why not sign up for Bea's Little Bundle of Joy course. Baby massage and reflex will help you and your baby colic pain, teething discomfort, sleeping and comforting issues. 

I love giving pregnancy massages to my clients and many of them return to me for post-natal massage or reflexology (and an hour of much needed rest)! But I always felt like I was missing something - and not just the gorgeous babies! So I enrolled myself in a Baby Massage Instructor course, got successfully qualified and I am happy to announce  my Little Bundle of Joy - Baby Wellbeing with Bea courses.

I hear your questions:

How long?


It is a four consecutive week course. Each session is approx. 30-40 minutes. 


What to bring?  

Yourself, your baby, baby's favourite blanket and toy, if you have oil or cream please bring that as well (alternatively you can purchase one of my baby massage balms), good mood and laugh. 


What are we going to learn?


The magic of positive touch, how to relieve colic pain, how to get the biggest poop ever, how to ease growing pain and much more.


What ages?


From 4 weeks up to crawling


How much I need to invest?


The investment for this life long skill (as you can adapt the strokes to a toddler and early year children up until teen ages)

is from £99 per baby.


At Relax-therapy Purley  ( 3 Purley Parade CR8 2AB)

Do you offer group sessions?


 Not at the moment. I will let you know if that changes.  


If you have any question please do not hesitate to email or call/text on +44 7551 814 122

What inclued

Little Bundle of Joy


3 weeks Baby Massage Course  

£75 per course

A Baby  massage for Baby by parent or caregiver (you can bring Dad too). Learn technique to easy colic pain and bond with your baby.  Investment is £75 per course.


Little Bundle of Joy 


4 Weeks Baby  Massage and Reflexology Course

£99 per Course

You get Bea's full attention and help. You can come weekly (and bring Dad too) for 5 weeks or as many times a week as you want (e.g you can come two or three times, subject availability). Investment is £99 per course per baby


Little Bundle of Joy


4 Weeks Baby Massage and Reflexology Course + Treatments for parents

£209 per Family

4 weeks course for Baby and  you also get two 60 min treatments to relax you and your partner. 


Investment is £209 , book and use within 8 weeks after purchase.

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