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The night when everything has changed.

In April 2012 I opened Relax-therapy. A small treatment room where you can relax. Over the years I helped with all sorts of mental, physical and emotional issues because I am not just a massage therapist when it comes to your appointments.

I listen with my heart and with my hands ( and of course with my ears :D) but the main thing is when you relax on the couch and you leave the room like a new person that is one of the best feedback ever.

Running a business is hard especially if you are a one-(wo)man-band. You have to do everything: social media, website, marketing and of course the treatments.

It is loads of fun and rewarding moments but sometimes there are tears, sweats, stress, sleepless nights, tight budgets and so on. It is my passion, not just job. I am good at it and my regulars - some of them from the beginning, 10 years on - keep me get up every morning and do what I love to do: help tired bodies and minds.

When I got the email about the nomination a couple of months ago from Croydon Business Excellence Award, I was surprised. I thought ok, let's do this. Would it be great if I reach the shortlist?

Few weeks later another email came saying: "Congratulations! You've been shortlisted!" WOW! So I started posting on my social media, asked clients, family, friends to vote.

The Croydon Business Excellence Awards team was a bit cheeky because they haven't said anything about the result so I was a bit nervous in whole October when I remembered oh, yes there is an award ceremony coming on the 9th of November.

To be honest I wasn't in the mood that day. I had half a day at work, my lovely girls at the salon did my hair and then headed home to get dressed - yep, proper dress and shoes - get a bit of makeup on ( unusual for me), pick up Miklos and go to Croydon.

The ceremony was held at the sport hall of Legacy Youth Zone in West Croydon. More than hundred people, from all sorts of different businesses. We shared our table with L&Q Group and we cheered for each other.

The night was long ( usually I am in bed by 9.30pm) although the first part went quickly may be because it was only four categories announced. After a buffet dinner the remaining categories came up, including mine one, The Business Resilience category.

I started to make video when my category started. The way they announced the shortlisted businesses just like the Oscar ceremony ( I think that is the best part of it). I felt goose bump when the voice said Relax- therapy.

And when Mario Carrozzo, CEO and Founder of Caridon Property opened the envelope ( see I told you, it is just like an Oscar Ceremony) and said COMMENDED - Relax -therapy, my brain exploded, stopped filming and cried. I couldn't believed it! My little business at back of Ghost Hair, hidden on Purley High Street came third!!!! one of the Croydon Business Excellence Award's category! OMG!

Next morning I woke up with the feeling I never felt. I told Miklos this is something that will be always mine. Because it is mine. Relax-therapy is Commended in Business Resilience Category at Croydon Business Excellence Awards in 2022. It is not a fully booked diary that changes every day. It is an award. And I am so grateful for it.

Deep in my heart, a public recognition always has been on my bucket list next to London Marathon. I ticked both of them in 2022.


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