It is only one female therapist carrying out the massage treatment, therefore she is unable to carry out treatment for two persons at the same time. The treatment will be done in sequence, one after the other.

Service is for both gender. The salon does  NOT offer sexual, tantric or nude massage.  

New clients please do not call/text about this, existing clients please behave. All sexual themed message/phone call or clients with no respectful behaviour being reported to the police and action will be taken.  



allow to book only ONE month (4 weeks) ahead. 


Relax-therapy takes ONLY online booking since August 2019.

There is no refund if you reschedule or cancel within 48hrs (2 days) prior to your appointment. Also no refund and no more appointment will given if you non-show.


Deposit and online booking pre-payment will cover the salon and therapist expenses such rent for the therapy room, electricity, water, insurance fee, license fee, travel cost, administration fee to find other clients instead of you.

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