"Another excellent massage! 

Ironing out all my stress points and knots."


"Thank you Beata for an excellent firm massage."




"Wonderful body massage with stomach massage."


"Wonderful - thank you."


"Fantastic! So relaxing - thank you."

(Back massage with Organic Facial)


"Thank you for a wonderful pregnancy massage.

I feel so relaxed. :)"


"Thank you Beata for an excellent massage."


"Hot stones massage just wonderful.

Thank you Beata."



"Thank you Beata, you are the best massage therapist."


"Wonderful relaxing hot stones massage.

Thank you."



"Thank you Beata for an excellent massage.

You have ironed out my tension knots."

(FB Bea's style massage; 27/03/2018) 


"Excellent + so relaxing.

You have the magic hands.

Thank you."

(FB massage, 12/03/2018)


"Excellent massage!

You have healing hands.

Thank you. :)"

(FB Bea's style massage; 27/02/2018)

"Wonderful & relaxing"

(FB hot stones massage; 07/02/2018)

"Thank you for being a part of my pain management!:)"

(client with fibromyalgia, regular back-neck-shoulders;


"Perfect thank you."

(FB deep tissue; 10/01/2018)

"Gorgeous  body massage and facial"



"Wonderful start to the New Year

with excellent deep tissue and hot stones massage. :)

Thank you Beata xxx"

(full body massage; 08/01/2018)


"Amazing. Thank you"

(back-neck-shoulders, 08/01/2018)

"Amazing Massage!

Thank you & Happy New Year!"

(M. P., 30/12/2017)

"Always a good massage.


(J. M., 27/12/17)


"Lovely massage as usual.

Thank you and Merry Christmas."

(E.J., 18/12/17)


"5* Massage!

Beata works beautifully on all my stress points. 

Thank you so much! xxx"

(Sh. M., 15/12/17)

"Thank you Beata.

You have healing hands and heart :) xx"

(Sh.M., 03/11/17)


"Amazing as usual. Definitely has healing hands.Thank you."

(S. B., 01/11/17)


"Magic hands. Excellent as usual. Thanks!"

(Ch. H., 31/10/17)


"In another zone. Thanks."

(V.J., 28/10/17)


"Beata has healing hands. Thank you"

(Sh. M., 27/10/17)



"Back-neck-shoulders was so good. Thank you"

(N. B., 14/10/17)



"Fantastic relaxing massage. Thank you so much!"

(H.Y., 13/10/17)


"Excellent! Thank you!"

(L.S., 23/09/17)


"What a fantastic massage! Beata is wonderful- I will be back!

Thank you so much x"

(E.J., 14/09/17) 


"I've known Beata now for 5 yrs and she is absolutely brilliant.

She knows my body well and always knows how to help me de-stress.

Love her to bits!" 

(G.J., 11/09/2017)


"Beata is a natural massage therapist. She knows my stress points.

Lovely relaxing massage. Thank you! :)"

(Sh.M., 01/09/17)


"Reflexology is my new addiction, felt like I was floating! Thank you "

(L. S., 24/08/17)


"Great relaxing facial massage & lift. Much needed.

Will be back again. Totally recommend."

(J.B., 26/07/17)


"Absolutely amazing as usual. Just what I needed!

Can not recommend you highly enough.

Thank you + see you soon!"

(Ch. H., 25/07/17)


"Just had the new face lift massage-suprisingly relaxing!

Beata has magis hands, whereever she massages! Thank you!"

(N.B., 21/07/17)


"A wonderful massage.:) Beata has magic in her hands!!"

(Sh. M., 07/07/17)


"Feel brand new-so relaxing. Thank you:) "

(N.B., 28/06/17)


"As ever, the best. Thanks. "

(D.D., 23/06/17)


"Excellent massage! Just how I like it :) thank you x "

(Sh. M., 02/06/17)


"Very relaxing and stress busting.:) "

(Sh.M., 05/05/17


"You are Godsent! :)"

(Sh. M., 03/04/17)


"It was just simply amazing! I cannot really find the right word to express how I felt!

It was just like in heaven :)!!

Thank you a million times!"

(Ritee S., 15/03/17)


"Heavenly good, really enjoyed Beata's massage! Thank you Beata!"

(Erika K., 07/02/17)


"Absolutely amazing as usual. Thank you!"

(Chris H., 28/02/17)


"Best massage I have ever experienced."

(Priya L., 16/02/17)


"Had an amazing massage, back feels so good and I feel very relaxed."

(Charlotte Ch., 14/01/17)


"Had a massage +reflexology-unbelievable results.Back feels amazing."

(Geraldine Ch., 21/12/16)


"Had hot stones massage this time-it was so lovely & relaxing!

Thank you-you'r amazing every time!"

(Nicola B., 07/12/16)


"Simply uplifting and amazing. I'm hooked on it.

Thank you making me feel special."

(Jamil C., 01/12/16)


"Simply amazing! Every time, in every way. Thanks"

(Chris H.,27/10/16)


"Amazing pregnancy massage, so relaxing. I'll try get one ... or two more in before baby comes!

Thank you"

(Amy F., 22/09/16)


"Very good massage-thank you. Will rebook in November."

(S.Q., 15/09/16)


"A beautiful facial. Reflexology-wonderful, so relaxing.

I will be back soon."

(Rosemary G., 13/09/16)


"Beautiful relaxing massage. Thank you. 

I will visit again. "

(Rosemary G., 30/08/16)


"Fantastic massage.Thanks"

(Kate, 25/08/16)


"Great massage - very relaxing!"

(J.N., 20/08/16)


" Fantastic as always"

(E.M. , 18/08/16)


"Wonderful as usual."

(F.S., 13/8/16)


"Thank you."

(V.J., 29/7/16)


"Another amazing & different treatment. Massage +lymphatic drainage. ~ THANK YOU"

(R.B., 20/7/16)


"Thank you for the most relaxing massage ever. I feel so refreshed."

(T., 16/7/16)


"A lovely relaxing and professional hot stones massage. The perfect way to end the week.

Thank you Beata."

(A.A., 8/7/16)


"Always a pleasure, feel far more relaxed than I've been the whole week. :D"

(D. S., 9/7/16)


"Wonderfully relaxing, thank you."

(F.S., 12/5/16)


"WOW!Amazing, thank you!"

(N. B., 11/5/16)



(G.R., 30/4/16)


"Best massage ever,coming back for more!"

(H.B., 29/4/16)

"Very Relaxing.Imagine like being in heaven."

(B.J., 28/4/16)


"Another different amazing treatment.~ thank you."

(R.B., 28/4/16)


"Totally relaxing-lovely hands, lovely energy. Thanks. x"

(R.B., 22/4/16)


"Lovely, lovely massage. Very relaxing, thank you."

(R.E., 15/4/16)


"I have been coming for 18 months and I keep coming back for my fantastic hot stones massage-so relaxing!!!

I have also had reflexology and deep tissue massage.

Beata knows how to get rid of pain in joints: shoulders, elbows or hips. "

(I.H., 7/4/16)

"Very good massage. Very relaxed. Friendly lady. "

(J.P., 2/4/16)


"Lovely massage, very relaxing + good pressure. Just what I needed!"

(N.Th., 30/3/16)


"Very relaxing full body massage! Beata was very welcoming, friendly + professional.

I would definetely back again + recommend to a friend :)!"

(L.O'D., 30/3/16)

"Absolutely amazing (as usual). Thanks Beata-feel brand new."

(Ch.H., 24/03/16)

"Fantastic. Best hot stones massage ever!"

(L.S., 10/3/16)


"Fantastic. New to hot stones. Love it!"

(A.H., 4/3/16)


"So god I nearly slept! Fantastic!"



"Amazing way to unwind after 12 hr night shift!!"

(90min  relaxing massage, J.G., 9/2/16)


"Fantastic as always! Thanks E x"

(E. M. 9/2/16)


"Thank you. Good massage. "

(Mr. S.V., Dec 2015)


"Absolutely gorgeous. I felt so relaxed and very sleepy now :) Thanks Beata!"

(E. King, 19/12/15)


"Wonderful as always and so needed."

(Felicity, 30/11/15)


"The best massage in town! Thanks Bea :)"

(L. Simpson 26/11/15)


"Pregnancy massage was so therapeutic +relaxing!"

(P.Patel, 21/11/15)



"Amazing! Thank you."

(Sh.Tomphson, 6/11/15)


"Amazing massage. Thank you."!

L.M., 22/08/15


"Two words: Miracle hands!"

M., 17/08/15


"For such a petite lady has a lot of strength. Absolutely amazing deep tissue massage. Highly recommended."

E.W., 17/08/15


"Excellent service. Feel relaxed and refreshed of all the knots, aches + tension in back, neck + shoulders."

M., 06/08/15


"Thank you very very much for the best and most relaxing massage ever!

I thoughly enjoyed it and all my aches have disappeared thank to you.

Excellent massage. Will come back for more soon!"

N.H., 01/08/15


"Excellent. Best massage I have had. Great techniques and really realxing.

Will be coming again and recommending to others. Thanks a lot."

N.P., 25/07/15



P., 15/07/15


"Wonderful massage. I feel great. Thank you :-)"

J.Dh., 11/07/15


"Amazing massage - all my aches seem so much better. Thank you."

Shirley J., 10/07/15


"Another hour of pure bliss. Thank you so much!"

N., 30/06/15


"I was aching all one but Beata sorted my body out and I feel fabulous, thank you. Beata amazing, 5 stars!"

A.G., 26/06/15


"Excellent, magical-it's cured my ailments after the 1st session! I'll be back. Thank you!"

M., 20/06/15


"Fantastic as always."

Felicity 18/06/15


"Fantastic as always-thank you."

Frances M., 06/06/15


"Great massage, thank you."

Anna K., 03/06/15


"Best massage. I know off better than in Thailand or India!"

Frauke J., 30/05/2015


"Amazing! As usual!"

Emma, 27/05/2015


" Wonderful!"

Nicki, 21/05/2015


"Thank you very much for a truly relaxing pregnancy treatment. "

Rebecca, 12/05/2015


"It was lovely. Will def. come back soon."

Ishita, 11/05/2015


"Thank you! First time in weeks I have no tension in my back. Amazing as ever!"

Emma, 09/05/2015


"Perfect, as always. Thanks."

Juliet, 09/05/2015


"Beata, fabulous treatment. Thank you!"

Ch. Cato, 07/05/2015


"Oh, so relaxing! Thanks"

Moselle, 17/04/2015


"Lovely, relaxing massage, thank you!

Aimee, 16/04/2015



B.H., 13/04/2015


"Wonderful session as always. Thank you very much."

Stacy, 01/04/2015


"Wonderful. Very skilled and thorough!"

E. H., 01/04/2015


"Beautiful massage. I feel so relaxed. Thank you :) "

Ch. Kika, 30/03/2015


"Absolutly Amazing! ( as usual :))

Ch. H., 20/03/2015


"Fantastic x "

Alison G., 18/03/2015


"Great relaxing massage. :) Really enjoyed it!"

S. Gallagher, 11/03/2015


"Thanks very much. Good work."

L.Chan, 09/03/2015


"Great full body deep tissue massage, feel asleep and feel totally renewed. Thank you! x"

Laura, 06/03/2015


"Amazing hot stones massage- I will def be back! Really relaxing + professional, thank you!

Aimee, 05/03/2015


"Lovely deep tissue massage. Feeling light and free again. Thanks!"

Laura, 26/02/2015


"Excellent deep tissue massage, great atmosphere & professional. I feel fantastic. Thank you xx"

Loretta, 20/02/2015


"WoW! Will def. be coming back! I fell like a new person-so relaxing and professional. Thank you"

Nicole, 18/02/2015


"Wonderful! Really loved the reflexology & hot stones combo! See you sonn xx"

Sarah, 13/02/2015



"You are amazing.Thank you."

Nikki, 13/02/2015


"Excellent as always! Thank you."

Saj, 07/02/2015


"That was exactly what I needed! Excellent. Thank you!"

Cardyn, 24/01/2015


"First massage. Really enjoyed it, almost feel asleep as it was relaxing."

Kannan, 12/01/2015


"That was excellent. Thanks for fitting me in today."

Amanda, 10/01/2015


"Very good. Many thanks."

Brian, 12/2014


"Amazing! Thank you. Very relaxing. Just what I need. Look forward to it every week."

P.Kapoor, 12/12/2014



"Excellent as always! Thank you."

Saj, 06/12/2014


"Excellent - very relaxing."

Nicola, 05/12/2014


"Excellent massage - very relaxing."

Maureen, 01/12/2014



H., 29/11/2014


"An excellent massage. I have massages regulary by various people, but this is by far the best.

An amazing experience. I will definitely be back, bring my friend & family. Thank you."

Oma, 25/11/2014


"After a week training coming to Beata is absolutely esseintial for my long runing sessions. Brilliant."

Hassan, 21/11/2014


"Excellent just what I needed after a hard week at work. Thank you."

Hassan, 14/11/2014


"A lovely relaxing massage- thank you."

April, 14/11/2014


"Very relaxing professional massage. Thank you. "

Eloise, 13/11/2014


"First time, loved it! Too relaxed to write!"

Patrick, 13/11/2014


"Absolutely amazing first massage. Would totally recommend you. thank you so much." 

Adam, 11/11/2014


"Excellent very relaxing. Thank you, as always."

Saj, 08/11/2014


"Absolutely wonderfull."

Hassan, 07/11/2014


"FANTASTIC!!! was really stressed when I first come here. Now after 60mins I'm so relaxed and muscles feel like jelly. 

Will definately come back!"

Yakuta, 07/11/2014


"Lovely massage. Lovely lady. Very good pressure & feel good after. Will be coming back. Thank you x" 

Sarah, 07/11/2014


"Gets right to the spot. Thank you."

Angela, 30/10/2014


"Very relaxing. Great pressure."

E. E., 28/10/2014


"As always - AMAZING!"

Emma, 28/10/2014


"Wonderful as always. Thanks."

Julia, 28/10/2014


"Amazing massage. Thank you. :-)"

Claire, 25/10/2014


"Excellent massage - very relaxing :-)"

Graham E., 23/10/2014


"Great hot stones. Brilliant way to relax! :-) "

Albertha, 17/10/2014


"So glad I chose the hot stone massage - best ever massage. Thank you so much Beata."

Heidi, 10/10/2014


" First time a hot stones massage. Very relaxing. Thankyou Beata."

Sadia, 10/10/2014


"Beata is the best, thats why I always come back since 2012!"

F. Robinson, 04/10/2014


"Another fantastic massage. Thank you for working on those knots in my shoulders!"

Amanda, 04/10/2014


"Thank you for amazing massage."

Helen, 03/10/2014


"Lovely hot stones massage. Thank you."

Nancy, 03/10/2014


"Fantastic and excellent news on the move onwards and upwards!!"

Juliet, 18/09/2014


"AMAZING! Thanks!"

Emma, 18/05/2013


"Excellent as always.Lovely smelling oils. Thanks."

Juliet, 20/02/2014


"Brilliant. Left feeling relaxed and ready to do anything. Massive thanks."

Donna F., 12/11/2013


"Sorted my back out so well. Fantastic. Thanks!"

Emma, 03/11/2013


"Amazing again. Thank you."

Juliet, 03/11/2013


"Hit the spot! Thanx..."

Greg, 30/10/2013


"Good massage!"

F., 12/10/2013


"Very good, especielly round my shoulders! Thank you!"

Linda, 27/09/2013


"It was great, thank you!"

Lian, 23/09/2013


"Superb - Thank you."

Judith, 09/09/2013


"Yet again- fantastic massage!"

Trixie, 07/08/2013


"AMAZING! My back has never felt so good! Thanks."

Emma, 12/07/2013


"Deep tissue 1st time. Brilliant!! Thank you!"

Juliet, 12/07/2013


"SUPERB again - stress knots in shoulders completely gone. Thank you!"

Emma M., 17/06/2013


"Amazing as always!"

Juliet 17/06/2013


"The best, totally enjoyed."

A. Moore, 22/02/2013


"Best massage ever. Thank you!"

S. Patel, 22/02/2013


"Thank you. Fixed me again!"

Richard E., 21/02/2013


"Fantastic as always!"

 F. Robinson, 17/02/2013


"The best massages ever! You are the best!!"

Parul, 17/02/2013


"Thanks for the massage. Very good!"

O., 15/02/2013


"Yet again, fantastic massage. Best way to celebrate Valentine's Day!"

Trixie, 14/02/2013


"Brilliant massage and very good techniques. Highly recommend!!!"

Ch., 08/02/2013


"A difficult day... great massage to relax. Very sleepy now. Thanks."

M., 07/02/2013


"Fantastic massage. Thank you!"

P., 05/02/2013



"Amazing. Brilliant relaxation. Thank you."

J. George, 03/02/2013


"A fabulous hot stones massage! The right amount of pressure + stones @ perfect temperature. A great job!"

A., 28/01/2013


"Absoultely fantastic very relaxing. Thank you. "



"Amazing best massage I've ever had to date. Thank you"

J. George, 21/11/2012


"Hands are  a gift from heaven! Fantastic first massage, will definetely be have for more!"

D. Arope, 27/10/2012


"Lovely hot stones massage. Very relaxing, 2 hrs would have been even better." 

H. Dorky, 24/10/2012


"Just had my first honey massage-what an experience! I feel amazingly de-knotted. Thank you so much."

M. Murray, 23/10/2012


"Back-neck-shoulders - even better the the last time if that is possible. I shall return."

T., 22/10/2012


"Amazing, will defo come again."

S., 09/10/2012


"I had a 60minute hot stones massage which was fabolous. Perfect pressure, relaxing and I felt amazing afterwards. Will definetely returned tell friend too."

L. Paul, 06/10/2012


"Excellent- best massage I have had- will be back."

M.P., 05/10/2012


"It was great. The best massage I had."

M., 17/09/2012


"The best massage I've ever had. Incredible! I feel like a new woman."

R.Chopra, 06/09/2012



"Finished worked after a long shift and feel like a different person. I had the full Swedish massage and I am normally very knotted on shoulder but it really worked well. Beata worked on my shoulders quiet a bit and my neck and back feel great. Thank you."

K. Marshall, 06/09/2012


"That was AMAZING! Thank you.Deff booking again :)"

D. Campbell, 05/09/2012



"That was so nice! Thankyoo very much! Swedish massage very deep! :)"

A. Coleman, 4/09/2012



"I've never had a hot stones massage so was unsure what to expect. It was wonderful. I feel totally relaxed and will definately come back (even though I live in Essex). Thank you"

T. ,29/08/2012


"Wonderfully relaxing.I feel rejuvenated. Thank you."

S. Andrews, 29/08/2012


"Deep tissue massage. 

Great massage.Feeling rejuvenated! Will come back! Thank you so much!"

E.Nadal, 25/08/2012


"30min back-neck-shoulders. FANTASAGREAT!"

A.Saint, 25/08/2012


"Neck back and shoulders massage. This was the most fantastic massage ever. So thorough a lovely person. I shall return. "

T.Roberts, 25/08/2012