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11 weeks happiness

*Sensitive content, some readers may find upsetting.*

After coming back from our holiday in Menorca I had a massage appointment booked for myself. But my period was 2 days late. I told myself: Two days is fine, we were traveling etc so maybe it is the reason. Then it was late for another day and another day because my massage appointment was coming up ( you can't have a massage until you reach 12 weeks in pregnancy just to be on the safe side). So on the 15th of October early morning I did a pregnancy test. I was shaking while I was waiting for the result but the two lines came up very quickly. I started crying because I couldn't believe it.

I woke up Miklosh and told him he was in shock first, then we decided to go to Tesco in the morning and bought a digital test and pregnancy vitamins. Then our new chapter started after we went through with our fertility.

We started talking and planning but we kept this for us. We wanted to tell the world but we wanted to wait until we had the 12 weeks scan.

Pregnancy symptoms kicked off ( nausea, very sensitive to smells, barely eating anything, loads of sleep, metallic taste in my mouth, tiredness, emotions, lack of patience, pain in lower abdominal area as my body started changing) I had this period like pain on the left hand side which was a bit worrying so we booked a private scan at The Scanning Room Haywards Heath ( highly recommend).

I was still working although I cut back my hours as much as I could and kept the secret. Sometimes it was really hard dealing with needy clients but I managed to get over them as my health and our Baby's health was much more important.

We had our first scan on the 9th of November 2023. I was 8 weeks 2 days and we finally met our Baby. It had a very strong heart beat, head, brain, some hand and leg things. And it was 1.76 cm. We were over the moon. I felt that I am watching us from above because I couldn't believe (after everything we went through and all the doctors said you are too old and hurry up) that we are pregnant.

After that scan, we told our Mums and they were over the moon too. I said let's wait until the genetic test ( used to be called Harmony Test, now NIPT test) and then we will tell everyone.

So we were happy, I was surviving the symptoms but a bit nervous and tried to not think about what if's.

To be honest this first couple of weeks we felt very lonely because it is a lonely and scarry time. You want the best for your baby and you try everything to do that.

But unfortunately I started getting lower back and abdominal pain and light bleeding on the 28th of November. I was hoping it is just a minor issue. You start Google-ing things ( DO NOT DO IT!) and your head fills up with all sort of horror stories.

I called 111 and I had a very helpful call handler who referred us to UTC, Crawley. And what happened after? Read here.

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