6 years ago in April 2012 I have opened my own professional massage studio in Purley, that is RELAX-THERAPY.

Since 2012 the business moved to new places 2 times (from Fitness First/Dynamics Gym to Waves Hair Studio, from Waves to GHOST HAIR Purley). During the 5 years I meet hundreds (if not thousands) of people. Some of them still my clients, some of them became friends. 


25 people got involved last year. 

Would you like to be the next one who want to feel the different on your body after regular massages? 


This year,in 2019, I invite to discover the power and benefits of regular massages. 

What you need to do?

Get at least 12 massage or reflexology treatments between 1st of Jan 2019 and 31st of Dec 2019 

and every 12th treatment is HALF PRICE (45/60 mins) and 30% off is it 90 mins treatment. 

Do you have e.g. 60 mins spare time a month for yourself? If yes, just write your name on the board and you are on the way to a HEALTHIER YOU. 

I can't wait to see a BETTER and HEALTHIER YOU!

© 2021 by Beata Kallai-Kelbert Relax-therapy

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