Make sure you pay for your membership within 24 hours after the approval email otherwise you won't be able to use the member area. Thank you 

Scroll down and click on Select and that will take you to the payment side. 


How do I access to videos and diary? 

You have Sign up and create and account. After your request has been approved you have to log in and you will see the Self care videos and diary. 

Is there a payment plan for course of three/six/twelve? 

Definitely. I know times are though. Payment plan is available for over £300. The way the payment plan is structured: 25% upfront each session. 

Can I get refunds? 

Refunds are not given. 

You can have access to all members area immediately and you are on the priority list of booking an appointment. Unfortunately, I would not want someone who access to all my hard work then want a refund. 

Can I share the pre-paid courses? 

Yes, you can until the person/people you share with are members. Otherwise they have to pay the different to make a non-member full price  treatment. 

How many courses can I buy? 

As many as you want as long as you will use them before your membership ends. 

I have other questions

Please feel free to drop me an email to I will care it about with my best knowledge. 

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