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Welcome at Relax-therapy reflexology and massage therapies in Purley!



About me: 

  • born and raised in Hungary.

  • my Mum is a primary school teacher and Dad is a farmer.‍‍

  • I grown up in a small town in south of Hungary, called Siklos 

  • I have spent my teenage years helping out at the family vineyard and looking after farm animals at my parents house (pigs, chickens, geese, goats, cats, dogs, pigeons. Once we had a horse). 

  • I love animals especially cats. 

  • I ran the Brighton Marathon in 2017 for Cats Protection and I train to run the London Marathon in 2022.

  • I love books. I am lucky because I can read in English and Hungarian. 

  • I have got a  teacher degree in Hungarian Literature and Grammar. I used to be a secondary school teacher. 

  • I love running.  Although I have a doggie left knee since age 12.  I had two surgery on it. Last flair up was at my wedding day in 2019.

  • I married to a Hungarian guy. And we got the same names like my parents: Miklos and Beata

  • I have two younger sisters. And our names start with letter B: 

Beata (37), Borbala (30) Bernadett(29) ‍

  • I have got three same name male in close family: Miklos (Dad, Dad-in-law, Husband) 

  • I am intolerant to gluten, dairy, soya and yeast.

  • I like cooking and we cook every day.

  • I never drunk coffee. But I like its fragrance. 

  • I love plants indoors and outdoors.

  • I am dual citizen and got two passports (British and Hungarian). 

  • I had epilepsy in my teenage years and young adult years. Now it is under control. 

  • Once I dislocated my left elbow during horse riding. 

  • I have a doggy left knee but I tape it and I run like crazy for cats :D 








I opened my business to the public in 2012. My first rented room was at Fitness First (later Dynamics) on the Brighton Road. 

Then I had to move to Stoats Nest Road for 5 months.

After a tricky start I finally found my place at Peter Phouli's team at Ghost Hair Purley in 2015. 

My aim is to give my best to my clients therefore I attend CDP courses every year. 

I am full member of Association of Reflexologist and insured by Balens Insurance Ltd.

 I am in partnership with Treatwell.